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Build an Internet and Network Marketing Business by Cracking The Millionaire Code – Part 10


How to create, grow and protect your Pension – Again. Part 2

To put the figures we looked at in Part 1 in perspective let’s draw together the three Trends and Statistics and see what we have!

The Internet is growing at 182% – Online Gaming is growing at 22% annually – MLM is set to explode in the rest of the World as a business model.

Now put them all together into a new Business and what do you have?

The only business available to you and I that is ready to explode across the World – there are no boundaries – it’s global and it can be run from your bedroom or office.

But will it meet the “I can do this business” test? The only question we should be asking because all the other indicators say it’s the best around today!

Are you as sceptical as me? OK that’s good.

So I had to answer this question.

How will it work?

* A new business model is needed to merge the Internet, Online Gambling and MLM and it certainly was not going to be traditional MLM.

Why? Because 95% of people in MLM never make a penny – yes you heard right 95% never make a dime. So the traditional model wasn’t going to work here.

* So what about Internet Marketing – would this work on it’s own?
No! because building a Network business needs input from people and the Internet, as you’ve experienced, tends to be a little short on personal contact.

*And what about Online Gambling – would splashing out and Advertising not grow the business?
Well another NO.
Most States in the US don’t allow ads for Gambling – in fact many parts of the World don’t either.

So are we’re doomed?

Yes unless the strengths of each were blended together and served up as a new discipline that virtually any enthusiastic person could work with and grow a business.

So this is what I found.

* Fact: Internet Marketers know how to get to thousands of people at the push of a button

* Fact: Network Marketers know how to grow a team and organisation once there are people around to talk to

* Online gambling is one of the most exciting products to hit the internet and has a massive growth potential.

So, we’re onto something big – a new business model and this is where I want to stop this special report and pass you over to the first and most important part of the new business model our 8 day Boot Camp so you can see for yourself just how simple and exciting this life of ours can be.

I haven’t forgotten the Pension Issue.

Simply put, the start of this business heralds a “see change” in the way we’ll work with each other. From now on, we’ll work towards a bigger goal than just making Networking, or online Gambling or Internet Marketing our profession. This new business model encompasses all three.

Network Marketing has a serious Residual Earning Package attached to the pay plan and this will generate your Pension – again.

June 12, 2017